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Acronyms like LAMP or WISA wouldn't begin to explain the breadth of technologies used in a platform enhanced over the last 15 years, augmented by numerous technology acquisitions. We design, build, and maintain:

  • Platform solutions and custom application development
  • Secure and scalable infrastructure
  • Fraud detection and prevention technologies
  • Big data analytics

Building a Platform

If you build it, they will come. And wow is that true! More and more clients who used to know us for one thing are turning to us for holistic turnkey solutions. Using our native technology and adding various layers, it's become a proven formula.

Hosting without a hitch

When your campaign draws a flash mob, we keep it wildly successful and surprise free. A highly sophisticated platform supports the most demanding traffic needs.

  • Private cloud-based infrastructure
  • Dedicated internal hosting staff
  • Industry leading real-time fraud prevention technology

We sleep with one eye open

A senior team member is on call 24/7 during your campaign. If things go bump in the night, your hosting expert grabs the baseball bat and sets out to investigate.

Don't have a traffic pileup on game day

We've heard the stories about a big campaign launching during the Super Bowl. You WANT a zillion people to see your TV spot and visit a promotion website. You DON'T WANT a traffic backup.

Our private, cloud-based infrastructure coupled with a premier CDN partner are designed to ensure all users receive a speedy response -- even when all of America's eyeballs are on your ad.

Security and Fraud Prevention

The internet can be a scary place. In-house security expertise supports client security initiatives, while maintaining industry best practices.

  • Utilizes a biometrically secured and video monitored private colocation cage within a high security Tier 4 datacenter
  • Conducts vulnerability assessments against applications and infrastructure several times a day
  • Supports custom client security scanning and reporting requirements
  • Provides "white glove" data analysis and auditing services on datasets of any size
  • Maintains SSAE16