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Crafting Business-Critical Digital Marketing Initiatives

Technology is great, but unless you have humans to help you make good business decisions, there's not much point. Luckily, we have both. With 18+ years in the biz, our team of strategic consultants know what is going to motivate and activate your audience. Get tangible insights behind your past or future programs with a bundled service or a custom crafted consulting project.

Program Design

We have developed some of Fortune 500's most popular engagement and loyalty programs. In our work, we've refined a few patterns and best practices that will carve a clear path toward a custom strategy for your brand.

Promotion Concepts

We'll roadmap a powerful solution including projected performance, creative visuals, prize recommendations, legal expertise, and technical considerations.

Loyalty Blueprint

Exploring loyalty solutions? We'll help determine the right one for you and answer all your burning questions from competitive insights to economic impacts and ROI in a comprehensive loyalty business case.

Consumer Insights

But, wait – what do THEY want? Let's start with consumers first and build in their feedback to ensure your program resonates. We can dig in before you launch your next campaign or optimize a live program.

User Experience Study

Optimize your promotion, loyalty program, or marketing campaign with qualitative insights from real-life users, captured via interviews and guided tours of digital assets. Gain valuable insight into usability, creative execution, messaging, and other program attributes.

Consumer Survey

Obtain quantitative insights from 1,500+ consumers in your target segments. Our experts will design a research program to validate your marketing tactics, enhance your digital strategy, or craft a customized user experience.


We offer fully-customized business intelligence services that answer your most business-critical questions. Let's dive deep and uncover patterns and insights that enable your brand to innovate.

Promotion Performance Consulting

See how your programs stack up against the industry, and discover the right tactical mix to drive growth in Acquisition, Engagement, and Advocacy with a guided look into our Promotions Success Index™.

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