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Three Pillars of Analytics Offerings

eMarketer reports that data professionals spend 23 hours a week collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. (We think it's even more than that.) Our analysts review metrics from your programs, pull key insights, and strategize on ways to optimize the consumer experience.

Our Analytics Practice offers customized solutions for Promotions, Engagement Hubs, Loyalty, and CRM programs ranging from reporting dashboards to custom data science.

A Dashboard of Data

Your promotional or loyalty program comes with a self-service dashboard that shows current and past program performance using standardized, pre-defined metrics.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Web metrics
  • Acquisition
  • Entries and game plays
  • Membership growth
  • Referrals and social sharing
  • Loyalty purchases and points
  • Demographics
  • Prizes and rewards awarded

Contextual Intelligence Reports

Data is only useful if you have someone to help make sense of it. Our real live humans generate reports of past and current performance at pre-determined intervals, then overlay strategic insights and recommendations to inform your next move.

Analytics reports
  • Pre-Promotion projections powered by our Promotions Success Index™
  • Post-Promotion Report (PPR) per campaign
  • Monthly Scorecard for longer* campaigns
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR) for longer-running campaigns
  • Ad hoc social and media reports

Analytics Consulting

Our team offers fully-customized business intelligence services that answer your most business-critical questions, whether the data comes from our programs or elsewhere.

Xbox Live Rewards

HelloWorld has worked with Microsoft for years, running daily analyses to evaluate business rules, segmentation, and lift. Our data and analytics tools help the team assess ROI across various campaigns.

Deep Thoughts on Big Data